O Cocktail

Orgasm Cocktail


This cocktail has a longer proper name… in line with others from that era. In any case, it’s actually a scrumptious dessert drink and pretty quick to make.


Concise Instructions:

  • Add Kahlua, Bailey’s, Disaronno into a mixing glass with ice, and stir until cold.
  • Strain into a rocks glass, garnish with chocolate shavings.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Pre-chill a rocks glass. You could also use a martini or coupe glass if you prefer.
  • Add Kahlua, Bailey’s, and Disaronno into a mixing glass with ice, and stir until cold.
  • Dump out the ice used for pre-chilling. Put new ice into glass.
  • Strain contents of mixing glass into rocks glass.
  • Use a flat knife to scrape the thin part of a dark chocolate bar directly over the drink – producing the chocolate shavings.

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